Enable the countdown


Use the /setup command: /setup countdown: webhook, or /setup countdown: widget

There are currently two types of countdown:

  • Webhook: the original countdown, where a message is sent to the countdown channel every morning
  • Widget: where the name of a voice channel is updated every hour

Both countdowns can be used simultaneously. You may want to set up both at the same time but disable the countdown and set it to automatically toggle. If you do this, you'll have a widget all-year round, and the more prominent webhook will only be enabled between 1st-26th December.

Webhook countdown

To enable the webhook countdown:

  1. Create a new text channel in which @everyone can read but not write (e.g. "#countdown")
  2. Type /setup countdown: webhook in the new channel. This will create a webhook in the channel you use it in.

The bot will keep sending messages to this channel until you use /toggle. If you want it to stop automatically on th 26th December (and start again on the 1st December next year), type /server set auto_toggle: true.

Widget countdown

To enable the widget countdown, type /setup countdown: widget. This will create a new (locked) voice channel at the top of your server's channel list.

If the majority of your server members are from the same place, you should change the server timezone.